I, _____________________________________, a citizen of _____________
(country), do hereby acknowledge to Zakon Group LLC, a limited-
liability company of New Hampshire, USA, that I disclaim all
copyright interest in my works, which consist of translation of
portions of OpenConf from one human language to another human 
language, that I have provided to Zakon Group or that I will
provide in the future.  I understand that the translations
I submit may or may not be included, in whole or in part, in 
the OpenConf distribution solely at Zakon Group's discretion. 

I further understand that OpenConf is a copyrighted work,
and that any distribution of OpenConf or translations thereof
are forbidden without prior written authorization from Zakon Group.

The translations covered by this disclaimer include, without
limitation, translations of textual messages, glossaries, command or
option names, help files, user interface text, and the like, contained
within or made for use via OpenConf.

    Given as a sealed instrument this ___ day of ______ (month), ______
(year), at ________________________________________ (city and country).

       signed:         ___________________________

       email address:  ___________________________

       postal address: ___________________________



My name and country ____ (may) / ____ (may not) be included 
on the OpenConf translation credits.

I currently expect to work on the following translation languages
(though this disclaimer applies to all such translations that
I may subsequently provide for OpenConf, whatever the language):





1. Print and fill out this page
2. Sign in the marked space with a pen
3. Scan this page and email it to translate -at- openconf.com,
   or mail it to:
        Zakon Group LLC
        Attn: OpenConf Translation
        P.O. Box 2774
        North Conway, NH 03860-2774

OpenConf is a registered trademark of Zakon Group LLC