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OpenConf Professional Edition is an advanced system providing over a dozen modules of extended peer-review and event management functionality. In addition to the Plus Edition features below, the Professional Edition includes priority technical support and the ability to: customize forms, accept payment to make a submission, auto assign reviews on submission, submit review credits to ORCiD, check submissions for plagiarismⓘ, accept multiple uploads per submission, create a program and publish it online for both the web and mobile devices, and other features to facilitate copyright collection for ACM and IEEE events.

OpenConf Plus Edition includes all the basics of a peer-review and abstract management system, plus: technical support, reviewer bidding, committee discussion, reviewer file upload, author rebuttal, online proceedings, custom acceptance types, and the ability to add or remove pre-defined submission, review, and account profile form fields.

OpenConf Community Edition (v7 only) may be an option if you:

  • just need the basics: submission, review, acceptance, and notification
  • won't need any support
  • know what PHP and MySQL are, and have access to a web server that supports them
  • are able to install and maintain the software yourself without external assistance
  • do not require any of OpenConf's advanced modules
  • are not being paid for providing OpenConf-related services
  • have 3 or less events per calendar year
  • agree to abide by the OpenConf License

Side-by-Side Comparison

features included with each edition
Feature Community
Install on Your Server
OpenConf Hosting Service
Technical Support
Responsive web design (v8)
Online Submissions
File Upload
Custom Topics
Review Assignment (Auto Match & Manual)
Advocates (Champions)
Conflict Detection (Automated & Manual)
At-a-Glance Progress Summary
Review Scoring
Submission Acceptance / Rejection
Email Notifications
Data Export in CSV, XML, Excel
Submission and Account Import
Self-Serve User Login Recovery
Privacy Features & Consent Checkboxes
UTF-8 Compliant and Multilingual ⓘ
Anti-Spam (CAPTCHA)
Custom Acceptance Types
Reviewer Bidding
Committee Discussion
Author Rebuttals
Advocate-Assigned Reviews
Reviewer File Uploads
Online Proceedings
Open Reviews ⓘ
Auto Assignment on Submission
Customizable Forms
Multiple File Upload Types
Submission Pre-Payment
Plagiarism Checking ⓘ
IEEE eCopyright
ACM Copyright Export
ORCID Review Credit
Printable Abstract and Program Books
Web and Mobile-Friendly Program